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Meet the Man behind it all...

         Sina Daniel Jahanian, Founded LA Audiophile back in 2005 while Attending School as a Pre-Med. His Story started much Earlier Growing up in an Audiophile household, His ears were trained to appreciate & Develop a love for Music. For him Music was way more than just a song on the radio, It carried Emotions, united people regardless of their gender, Sex, or ethnicity, had the power to move nations. The healing power of music led him to his journey into the Vast World of Sound & High Fidelity. He was always fascinated by various Speaker designs and Audio Circuits which led to taking them apart and studying them. His goal remains the same " To recreate as close as possible sound environment as a live performance within ones own Home."

        We Don't Appreciate our ears today, we are surrounded by noise from the moment we wake up till the moment we go back to sleep. Most of us listen to music on our headphones or in our cars, were neither really is the way music was intended to be listened to. Many of us forgot what it should actually sound like, while listening to our bluetooth "gadgets" we like to call speakers. but the one thing is missing and thats the Soul of music...

        Most people forgot or never even experienced putting on a record on a fully Analog System and listening to it while sitting down, giving it their uninterrupted attention. Our goal is to be the bridge between the great past which this industry once had and the future generation of people who appreciate and Respect Their Ears.

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