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Audiophile Monkey

Preserving History Through Motion Pictures

Audiophile Monkey, a specialized division of LA Audiophile, stands at the forefront of preserving and documenting the rich history of Hi-Fi technology and its cultural impact, showcased through various movies and TV shows. With a commitment to authenticity, we supply high-fidelity gear to the movie and TV industry, ensuring accurate representation of time periods with our extensive collection of both vintage and modern stereo Hi-Fi equipment. Our expertise and unique inventory have made us the go-to partner for major production companies and studios like Universal Studios, CBS Studios, SONY Pictures, HBO, and NETFLIX, among others. Our contributions have been highlighted in iconic movies such as "Straight Outta Compton" and "Bumble Bee," as well as popular TV series like "Grace & Frankie" and "Jane the Virgin." At Audiophile Monkey, we take pride in our role as the industry's most comprehensive and distinct entity, dedicated to the meticulous curation of Hi-Fi history and its influence across media.

Our Story

Two decades & Some years ago, in the wild jungles of swap meets and garage sales, the saga of Audiophile Monkey began. Picture this: Like an eager beaver (well, more like a monkey) with a burning passion for vintage Hi-Fi gear, zigzagging from one stall to another. wasen't just looking for old stuff; But on a holy quest for the holy grail of sound!


Every dusty turntable, every rusty speaker  unearthed was like finding a lost treasure. Sure, to the untrained eye,  might have just looked like a bunch of bananas over old electronics. But in My heart, I was reviving the symphonies of yesteryears, one vinyl player at a time.


I was  more than just a collector; I was the Indiana Joneses of the Hi-Fi world, minus the whip and the fear of snakes. Each piece I saved and brought back to life wasn't just a gadget; it was a piece of music history, a relic of the high-fidelity sound culture.


Fast forward through the sands of time, My passion hasn't dimmed. From those early days of enthusiastic rummaging to becoming the go to in the industry, we've kept the spirit of those swap meet crusades alive. And yes, we still get a kick out of finding that one-in-a-million stereo system hidden behind a stack of old National Geographic magazines. That's the Audiophile Monkey way—turning the quest for vintage Hi-Fi into an epic saga, one laugh and one record at a time.

Our Clients

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